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Your Guide to Conference Bridge Pricing

When choosing a conference bridge plan, you have to weigh carefully between what you need and what you can afford. A large part of the difference in rates comes from whether you choose an operator-assisted service or a reservationless service. However, within these two categories of conference bridge services, there are even more pricing plans to choose from, and these many options will dictate how much you pay, how often you pay, and how much freedom you have with your conference bridge solution. When selecting a conference bridge plan, it’s crucial to delve into the fine print to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting into and how much the various features figure into the final bill.

"Pay Per Use" Conference Bridge Pricing Plans

“Pay per use” conference bridge pricing works well for well for customers whose conference bridge needs vary from month to month. Pay per use ensures that aren’t paying for unused minutes at the end of the month, and since there are no calling limits, you don’t have to worry about incurring penalties for going overtime. However, some of these plans do come with minimum time requirements, which means that you may not be getting the best rate on your conference calls if you fall under the limit, and you may receive a penalty fee to bring you up to limit. “Pay per use” conference bridge pricing can be a great option for small and medium sized businesses that have an occasional need for a conference bridge service. If you’re hosting lengthy conference calls on a regular basis, “pay per use” conference bridge pricing is probably not the way to go. Other types of conference bridge plans enable you to get much better conference calling rates by buying your minutes in bulk.

“Minutes” Conference Bridge Pricing Plans

A “minutes” conference bridge package is similar to purchasing minutes for your cell phone. These types of packages offer plans ranging from 500 to 12,000 minutes for the month. You can get a lower per/minute rate through this type of plan, but you need to watch out for limits, which result in overage fees. Going over limit can often result in paying more for the conference bridge service, than if you had paid strictly on a per call basis. “Minutes” conference bridge pricing packages are effective for companies that have a predictable, consistent conference bridge schedule. If you can predict the amount of time each month you’ll be using the service, you can save more money than with a “pay per use” conference bridge pricing plan.

"Flat-Rate" Conference Bridge Pricing Plans

In some cases, a flat rate plan is the best way to save on conference calling. Flat rate plans offer a couple of advantages: you don’t have to worry about overages (which means you have the luxury of spending the time that you need on a conference call without being penalized for it), and, for companies with high demand for conference calling, the overall bill can be much less than if you use a pay-per-call service. On the surface, “flat rate” conference bridge pricing plans sound like the optimal choice, but that’s not always the case. Per/minute rates are often based on the number of people on a call. This means that if you have a large meeting, the bill can exceed what you intended to pay. “Flat-rate” conference bridge pricing plans can also limit the geography of your meetings, relegating calls to a specific city, state, or region. You also need to watch out for “unlimited” conference bridge pricing plans that aren’t truly unlimited. They simply offer you more minutes than traditional conference bridge pricing packages. However, there are still a number of “flat rate” conference bridge pricing plans out there that don’t trip you up with the fine print. If you consistently find yourself in endless conference calls, those “flat rate” conference bridge pricing plans can work for you.

Not to fear: most conference bridge providers don’t require you to sign any kind of extended contract, so if you’re not satisfied you’re not stuck. You can shop around for a provider that offers the service and rates you need. At SmartPrice, we can make that search much faster and easier for you. We bring the providers to you, so you can quickly choose a conference bridge pricing plan that’s right for your business.

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