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Express Connect Conference Call

9.9 per minute (per line)

How it Works:
800 Express Connect Conference Call utilizes two PIN codes - Leader Code and Participant Code. For account security, the Participant will be on hold until the Moderator has dialed in with the Leader Code to enter the conference. With 800 Express Connect Conference there are no time limits and each account can have as many participants at any time.

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  • Toll-Free Conference Calling
  • No Monthly Fees or Setup Costs
  • Available 24/7 without a reservation
  • OnLine Billing
  • View calls in Real-Time
  • Schedule Calls Online
  • 100% Fiber Optic Lines
  • No Contract or Minimums
  • DTMF clamping

Express Connect Conferencing
Security Mode
Dial-Out Conferencing
DTMF Clamping
Mute Own Line
Lecture Mode
Participant Count
Call recording (CD/Download)
Volume Control
12 month contract
Setup charge
Direct billing to corporate account
Credit card billing
Online Billing- View calls in Real-Time
International Dial-Out
Number of talk+listen participant ports
Number of listen-only ports
Moderator code security

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*1 - Return with a new participant: After dialing out to the participant, the "leader" can press *2 to return to the conference with the new participant.

*2- Return without a new participant: After dialing out to the participant, the "leader" can press *3 to return to the conference without the new participant.

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