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SmartPrice is a free service that will help your business save money on bundled local and long distance service.

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  • Make one request with us and get up to 5 local & long distance quotes from different long distance carriers
  • Get one bill for both services and save thousands of dollars
  • We have helped over 5,300 businesses and 190,000 residential customers save money
  • This is a 100% free service
  • Fill out a short form telling us about your calling habits
  • We run quotes from up to 5 different carriers
  • We will contact you within 1-3 business days with the results and a recommendation
  • You choose a plan and start saving money!

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   Conference Calling
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 Long Distance and Local Phone Service Education Center

Buyers Guide - Learn about the history of the telecom industry, the different local and long distance product choices for your business and what to look for when buying long distance

Is Your Incumbent Local Phone Company the Best Choice? - Learn why a smaller, “no-name” carrier might be the best choice for local and long distance service for your business.

Local and Long Distance Bundles - A Cheap Alternative for your Telecom Needs- Find out why bundles lowers costs for carriers and can result in a lower bill for you.

Glossary - Know the difference between a T-1 and OC-3? Find out here.

Testimonials - Learn about what other Business Telecom Specialist customers have to say about our long distance shopping service.

Case Study- Learn how SmartPrice was able to help one company add $10,000 to their bottom line.

Local and Long Distance Phone Service

One bill. For all your local and long distance needs.

Why pay more to two different companies? Reduce your number of bills now - and save 35%!

The benefits of SmartPrice.com Complete Phone Service:

  • Saves time with one easy-to-read bill for both local and long distance.
  • Cuts up to 35% off your current phone expenses.
  • Offers the calling features and services you want.
  • Many "no contract" plans to choose from.
  • Provides a reliable alternative to your local phone company.

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