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About Us

About SmartPrice.com

Save thousands of dollars on your phone and internet connection bills. Use SmartPrice.com to calculate the savings you're missing on T1, T3 and other voice services and lower your bills.

SmartPrice.com's mission is to provide residential customers and businesses with the information they need to compare rates and choose smarter plans for telecommunications services.
We help you find the best deals on:

  • Broadband for Business, VoIP Solutions, Voice and Internet T1 Lines, T3 Connection, Business DSL, OC3 to OC12 and more!
  • Local and Long-Distance Calls, Simple Switched Service or Dedicated
  • Cellular Phones and Wireless Plans
  • Phone Conferencing, Conference Calling

Then we make it fast and easy for you to switch your service.

SmartPrice.com does the research. We uncover lower rates from carriers you may not have heard of, but you'll be happy we found them for you. Furthermore, we make sure the companies we recommend to you meet specific criteria beyond just low prices.

SmartPrice.com is easy to use. Best of all, SmartPrice.com is free. We receive a commission from the service provider you choose through us.

Making smarter choices and saving money. That's what SmartPrice.com is all about.

SmartPrice.com only works with reputable companies that pass extensive background checks, which include examining Better Business Bureau ratings, FCC licenses, and overall solvency.

SmartPrice.com, Inc.

8830 Business Park Drive

Austin, TX 78759

Toll free: 877-550-5317


We are located in Northwest Austin, near the "Arboretum" . 

If you are driving from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, you must:


  • Follow the exit sign in the airport to get on TX-71 W
  • Take the US-183 N exit to Research Blvd and continue for little over four miles
  • Then, take the exit to Capital of TX Hwy/Great Hills Trail/(TX-360-LOOP) and continue on Research Blvd
  • Turn left a N Capital of TX Hwy (you will be going South)
  • Turn left at Research Blvd
  • Continue toward Tallwood Dr and turn right when you reach Tallwood Dr
  • Turn right at Business Park Drive
  • Our office building will be at 8830 Business Park Drive on your right.  We are located on the first floor in suite 200.





If you are coming from downtown Austin:

  • Get on the TX-1-LOOP N
  • Bear left at US-183 N
  • Take the Research Blvd exit and continue on Research Blvd
  • Take a left at TX 360/Capital of TX HWY
  • Take next left onto N Mo-Pac Expy and continue to go South on N Mo-Pac Expy
  • Turn right onto Tallwood Dr
  • Turn right onto Business Park Dr
  • Our office building will be at 8830 Business Park Drive on the left.  We are located on the first floor in suite 200


Beautiful Austin, Texas, the home of SmartPrice.com.

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