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Articles About Long Distance

General Long Distance Information
Why is Long Distance So Confusing?
Why Do International Long Distance Rates Vary So Much?
What's the Difference Between AT&T, Sprint and MCI/WorldCom?
Help! I've Been Slammed!
How to Prevent Slamming: Institute a PIC Freeze
How to Reach the FCC
Additional Long Distance Resources

Money-saving Tips
Six Easy Ways to Lower Your Long Distance Bill
Hotel Calls: A Costly Convenience
The Dos and Don'ts of Selecting a New Long Distance Plan

Your Long Distance Bill
Understand Your Long Distance Bill
Cramming 101: What is Bill Cramming?

Types of Long Distance Calling
When "Unlimited" Doesn't Really Mean Unlimited
What's the Deal with Dial-Arounds?
The Truth About Flat Rate Long Distance Calling

Articles About Telemarketers
How Telemarketers Find You
Putting a Stop to Telemarketers and Junkmail


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