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An Overview of Dedicated Business Services

As the telecommunications needs of your business grow, dedicated business services can provide for the greater capacities and better financial performance you need. These services are provided over a T-1 digital circuit or other broadband connection. The follow are brief descriptions of dedicated business services:

  • Dedicated Voice Services: This service provides the equivalent of 24 voice lines over a single T-1 connection. All the usual voice services (Local, Interstate, Intrastate, International, and Toll Free) are available. If your business uses 50,000 minutes of service per month and your communication expenses are in the range of $2,500 per month or more you should explore this service.
    Click here to see a diagram of a typical T1 voice service.
  • Dedicated Internet Access: This service provides 1.5 megabits per second capacity for uploading and downloading data from the Internet. It will require additional hardware to connect it to your LAN or servers. This service can meet the needs of most business applications.
    Click here to see a diagram of a typical T1 Internet service.
  • Integrated Service: Integrated service does all of the above and it can provide you with the cost advantages of dedicated services even though you may not be using enough of any one service to cost justify a full T-1 service. It works by combining two or more of your services (local, long distance, and Internet access) on one T-1.
    Click here to see a diagram of a typical T1 Integrated service.
  • Private Lines: Private lines are used to connect multiple locations together and can be good solutions for locations that are near one another or for applications where security is of paramount concern. Private lines can be ordered from single line (64kps) through T-1 (1.5 mps) and larger capacities and can carry most telecommunications and data services.
    Click here to see a diagram of a typical private line connection.

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