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The Dedicated Service Implementation Process

Dedicated services take more preparation and have a longer implementation time than their dial and switched counterparts. The following is a brief checklist of things that must be done, and timelines, for a typical dedicated service implementation:

  • Ordering the service - typical dedicated services takes about 45 days to install. It is a very, very good idea to allow more than 45 days for installation. This especially true when a location move is taking place.
  • Checking equipment and interfaces - check your voice or data equipment to see if it has a T1 interface or whether you need to purchase one. Your equipment vendor can help with this - you'll also need to work with your vendor to be available to install and configure the T1 in the equipment when the service has been installed.
  • Make sure your equipment room is ready. One of the most common reasons a dedicated installation is delayed is because of some problem associated with the equipment room.
    Check the following:
    • Access to the room - who has the key?
    • AC power - does the room have adequate power for any equipment that's going in with the dedicated service?
    • Air conditioning and ventilation - modern equipment is not terribly heat sensitive but it's a good idea to check the requirements.
    • Is the space enough in the room for any new equipment or cables?
    • You may need a sheet of plywood mounted on the wall of the equipment room (if you don't already have one) to mount terminals equipment, etc. associated with your new dedicated service.
    • A good electrical ground! Some of the strangest and most difficult to find problems are associated with poor electrical grounds - ask your equipment installer or an electrician to check yours.
  • Determine if training is required. A simple voice T1 installation may require little or no training. An integrated service installation may have many new features that need to be explained to users.
  • Coordinate your equipment vendor and service provider on the day of the service installation.

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