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VoIP Solutions Finally Have Enterprise-Class Service Levels

Success Stories: Companies around the world are utilizing Voice-over IP as their voice and data solution. VoIP offers great sound quality, reliable connections and often reduced rates. VoIP technology might be the ideal answer for business in any number of changing situations, so it is best to speak with a Business Telecom Consultant to evaluate if VoIP fulfill your telecom needs.

For Southeastern Plateworks of Birmingham, Alabama, an Internet-based voice and data delivery system provided a great solution for their communication requirements. The company had just bought a large manufacturing facility and their only equipment was a traditional PBX (public branch exchange) and standard telephones. At the time, Southeastern Plateworks' monthly bill for local access alone was $650! The new facility had no network infrastructure established, but needed one before business could commence. Southeastern Plateworks had older telephone numbers from a previous business that had to be moved in order to maintain continuity with clients. The company also made a high number of long distance calls. Southeastern Plateworks contacted SmartPrice.com to figure out a reliable telecommunication structure.

A SmartPrice.com Consultant analyzed Southeastern Plateworks' situation and evaluated how their costs would be affected in a variety of situations, from a conventional system to a newer, T1 delivery system with VoIP service. Southeastern Plateworks trusted their Business Telecom Consultant when an Internet-based option was presented.

SmartPrice.com found a package from ICG that will save Southeastern Plateworks time and money each month. Their installation cost nothing and the first month of service was free. Southeastern Plateworks now has ten phone lines, unlimited local usage and Internet access, and only $.02 per minute for long distance, anywhere in the world! Each month this entire package costs the company only $750 and their cutting edge technology has room to grow as their business and the VoIP technology evolves.

Voice-over IP could be the communication solution your company is looking for.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that utilizes the Internet to transmit voice traffic.

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