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Will VoIP work for me?

Is VoIP for me? The following information outlines some specific instances when VoIP might be most fruitful for a business, but certainly cannot cover all circumstances. Please contact a Business Telecom Consultant to discuss your specific situation and uncover the right solution for you and your business.

The main benefit of VoIP Solutions are cost savings. The average savings for a small to medium business is approximately 30%. The initial equipment needed to install a VoIP system within your office might seem expensive, but monthly local and long distance bills can be extensively reduced. Lower costs on your telephone bill mean more available cash to spend in other avenues, such as marketing or product development.

If you are moving to a new building or renovating your current office space, this may be the appropriate time to have a VoIP system installed.

VoIP is particularly effective if a company supports satellite offices. Calls made over a private network, i.e. a main office to a branch office, are free. VoIP systems can also route calls, so if one location closes briefly, customers will automatically speak to someone within the company, not a machine.

The quality of VoIP solutions have dramatically improved. Providers can now support carrier-grade sound quality utilizing VoIP technology. Previously, voice transmission via the Internet was scratchy and broken. Poor bandwidth and Internet congestion is responsible for poor sound quality. With new VoIP technology and increased bandwidth, however, a voice transmission now sounds as clear as a traditional analog phone line

As with all telecommunication services, VoIP has some limitations that are easily addressed.

911 Access
VoIP phones are not associated with a specific address, making it difficult for 911 operators to track your location. Many providers, however, understand this concern and are working with Public Safety Answering Point and the National Emergency Number Association to route calls appropriately. Discussing this predicament with a Telecom Consultant will assist you in uncovering how your potential plan deals with 911 access. Retaining one regular phone line might be wise in the event that your decided provider does not supply this emergency feature.
Power Failure
VoIP systems require energy and your calling system will be down in the event of a power failure, if proper precautions are not in place. One option is to provide backup power for each VoIP phone, which can often last up to 24 hours. If you choose not to backup each phone, retaining one traditional line is wise, in the even of an emergency.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that utilizes the Internet to transmit voice traffic.

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